Here is a collection of some of my paintings and other writing. Enjoy! 

Hopefully I will soon find how to both upload good quality pictures and improve the focus in these. 



Two Ways

By Rob Howat, January 31, 2011
There are two ways back to the middle:
There is loss or maybe a gain.
In life’s game of chance WE all have to dance, 
While some win rewards, so they claim.
One win is a state called Contentment,
It has nothing to do with base greed,
For when all’s said and done
It’s how the race it was run.
Some may lose and be shunned,
But of fact they succeed.
They have battled the odds on their journey.
Many choices were open to them,
But they chose to be clean in all that was seen
By the less successful than them.
They value a small word called friendship
And honour to them as a friend.
They knew what to do, which is nothing new,
Just do right, with the broken to mend.
So I ask you what is there in the middle?
What’s the point and what the refrain?
What is the song as life goes along
Which the true do again and again?
It has something to do with honour,
Of laughter and of being kind.
For those who can see there’s reality-  
For the rest they are simply just blind.
When you give, Mate, you’re also receiving
When you care, Mate, there’s so much more can be done!
For the selfish, the Harvest is grieving.
For the rest there’s the warmth of the sun.
So I ask you what’s the middle?
And of course you always knew,
For strain, grief and pain is all that remain
If at the middle of life you put you!
From the two ways are all you are choosing,
Its two ways and never three.
Let go: Learn to fly with the gods in the sky,
Take your part and improve what can be.
Free them from terror and hardships.
Free them from hunger and pain.
Free from not knowing the goodness of life!
Yes, Mate, love is the answer again.  







By Rob Howat, November 26, 1992
You wish to outshine the Peacock!
What a small-minded thing to do.
In thinking such you’re the lesser:
Try and shine in something quite new.
There can be no strength in envy.
For sadness is at the base:
Let the world retain each glory
Not simply just replace
So rather than diminish.
Create and not destroy
So that when your goal is reached
The world gains one extra joy.