Forward: the reality of casuistry and of human rights.

Preamble: The Politically Correct; Responsibilities fulfilled.

Dedication & personal story.

Introduction: Belief, thought and supports: The Fabian Society; Truth and power.


1: Education and Government: Empathy, self-respect and the truth.

2: Socialisation and Government:Y. Lotman and Poetic  forms; the posative, Signs and symbolic forms;    Mucaroversusky  and meaning;  the social web and care: William Blatz and L.S.Vygotsky; C.S.Pierce and semiotics; Bill Rogers and anger management

3: Obligations and social responsibilities: Our needs, war, immigration.

4: World, Ecology and waste, Maud Barlow; Karl Popper and falsification theory.

5: Rights and a better tomorrow: Doing right –Spinoza, Ashley Montague, Justice, euthanasia, freedom of speech and sensitivity; deToquville.

6: Beliefs and spirit building: Carl Jung and collective memory; Hume,  J Peris and Gestalt; W. Durant, reason and truth; betrayal; gender, awareness,  consensus; Rousseau.

7: The Family: Trade, providing for, blame, care, meeting needs and social harmony.Bill Rogers and fair rules.

8: Industry and Corporations: Cognative Wells….. Training, security and relaxation; William Blatz.

9: Religion as an enabler: Sin, beliefs and social growth; Islam, Christianity; Emile Durkheim  and Nicholas Wade p202; Media perversions-Book ‘Dial  M for Murdock.’

10: Human qualities caught and taught: M.Stubbs and Discourse analysis;  Eric Berne  and three self-image states;           Positivety, negativety and psychology.

11: Laws, Rights, Interaction and then there is slavery:Bill  51C; J.P Satre; Dalai Lama and Coleman with Brazelton – emotional inteligence;  Law outcomes good and not so….Festinger and Carlsmith Cognitive Dissonance; Jonathan Howard and prison reforms 1777.

12: Social and political futures: Change, values, censorship, Humanism and Thoreau; Charles Murray  and being dependant.C.Scheck & P.Neufeld and A. Young –Osgoode’s Innocence Project.

13: Media, freedoms, advertising and Responsibilities; John Lock

14: Democratic freedoms: Information Networks; Interviewing, T.V and Iraque invasion.

15: Rights with Responsibilities: Education, politics, the lobbyists, Freidrich Engles and Karl Marx.

16: Rights and responsibilities: ThomasPayne; deBono‘s explorative thought method; self.

17: On Politics: Democracy,self regulation,  autocracy, tyrany and self.

18: Citizen and new citizen: Auguste Comte fater of sociology.

19: The Law, our law and their law; Jury system; Enron

20: Society and Education: M.Oakshott’s Societies; p411 Greg Mordistone;  Role models, school systems and values; THRASS and literacy..

21: Being Responsible: p482 Fear a self-poisoning; Minorities: The unborn; two way tolerance.

22: The World Family:T.B.Bottomore and families;  Natural rights, conventions and parenting.

23: Government and Citizenship: Thomas Payne, Francis Bacon and European Human Rights; thankfulness; Terminus : Dan Price CEO, Ashley Smith.Fifth Estate

Index and References..