Native American .. it is simply justice.

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Much of we have as non native Americans is because of what they had and they shared …… or …… sadly and immorally had taken.
As Obama suggested we CAN make a better way. WE can make it work.

We do Have A Debt To Pay! A moral debt, a RESPONSIBILITY …… this is a reality. We may shrink and hide from realities and as a result believe we may not be there ….. but the realities remain, and that goes all the way through history and on into all our families’ futures, …… and we are there in the front row!

This is not Human Rights because it goes deeper to inside us …….. as those ever empowering RESPONSIBILITIES of ours are acknowledged having been recognised. So, from this realisation happens the awakening of our minds and consciences, our intellect, personalities and better understanding of commitments which should be met, and therefore leading to earned self-worth.

What SHOULD RESPONSIBLY be done NEEDS to be done.
End of rant!

More is in my coming revised book, that Was “Responsibilities Then Rights.”If you would like to get involved in its relaunch and would like to have a free copy so you can check it out, please email me at   I will try to get back to you within 3 days … that is if my computer does not have one of its …..’off days’.

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