Housing Needed and Waste.

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HOUSING and Poverty.
This seems a multi political party problem: they all have let the homeless, themselves and humanity down. Housing is unjustifiably too expensive as are resulting Realtor fees, price related legal costs, however, survey costs seem more reasonable.
Clothing and shoes have generally a 400% + price mark up! Next to consider are essential medicines etc.; costly advertising designed to fool and manipulate in/on most of the the media raise the costd of goods and services; media stars and ‘premier’ sports players are vastly over valued and paid, etc.
Yes the world is full of greedy people and those being ‘held down’ / exploited by them.
Further, could we all do with owning less and eating less so all could be housed, fed and cared for? Of course we could. Smaller cars and less per family for those able to afford them….. one T.V., telephone and computer per household. Far less throw-away clothing, freezer foods and fashion articles. Masses of unessential facial make up and expensive hair dos are happily bought. The list of our waste is endless.
Needed is Improved rural transport; better pay for nurses, fast food workers, farm workers, store staff and care workers … We live in a mad world and are all actively contributing having ignored our responsibilities and having pushed the “Rights” button far too frequently.

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