Pence and the increasingly Hermit Trump.

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As Pence move closer to becoming possibly USA President 46 there is hope of a return to a more balanced world leadership. Having a political background he promises a more predictably and staple leadership. Whatever the future, it is a relief to see his ‘stand in’ presence rather than the bull in a china shop president. Further, other leaders can get on with their planned agendas secure in the knowledge that their efforts would be rationally dealt with and needed publicity for their ideas discussed.

What surprises a Pence leadership might bring await such a time as he may be in place. Till then only clues can be recignised showing the Pence the world and USA communities will have to deal with. So far he appears as a rational, controlled, responsable politician, though one may not agree with a few of his aproaches to life. Since he is such a contrast the USA public may feel prepared to follow him should he have to take over as President. Will that be a blessing or a curse?

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