BREXIT and AusterityUK.

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The continual viscious personal critisism of T.May, UK Prime Minister, for existing austerity is unjust, as are attack on her efforts for a less damaging BREXIT. She is clearly a talented national leader and a caring humanbeing.

Wasteful opportunist governments have created too many problems for any government to sort out quickly, though the unscrupulous will do a Trump and suggest they can. Huge debts is not the way forward as they waste too much of the Tax funds collected, through ‘interest’ payments. The Blair years etc.,Continue to have to be paid for with this vanishing money which should be available to support and ‘lift’ the destitute from their downward poverty spiral. …. but much was wasted.

Off-shore tax avoidance of both conglomerates and the wealthy made worse by indecent Directors pay and bonuses all lose funds that need to go to the people who work and actually build the wealth. 

May has a huge extremely complex EU problem to try and solve in such a way that reduces more hurt to the poor and needy and avoid placing new member of society with them. This she is trying to do while detractors, safely away from this gargantuan pain-filled task, rattle their boxes and promise the impossible far too often. May was opposed to Brexit but is trying her best as is the negotiating team of civil servants etc. Further, funds need to be withheld to use should and when emergency needs appear and new ‘victim groups’ are recognised. There is too much fantasy being expressed. The facts are gradually and continually emerging so identifying new measures that need to be planned and funded. What the final outcomes will be regarding BREXIT agreements with then their outcomes no one knows.

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