Farewell Mr.President but not “Goodbye”.

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The tragedy of this moment is how much more could have been accomplished if the political support in the House had been greater. Now with a very different mood Down South of us we pray that listening and learning will be as noticeable.The acceptance of power changes those being given it and there is a tradition or rather a tendency in the USA that this is positive and to the benefit of its people. There is no reason to doubt that Mr. Trump will be any different in this concern and that in the end he may too be viewed with some of the good, passion and affection so well deserved by the current President and his family.
It may confidently be believed that Mrs Trump will politically and socially blossom as a generous concerned first lady. She has a really tough act to follow but she can achieve much. Hers will be different priorities, but no less needed, which hopefully will succeed to the advantage of individuals and communities.
Attitudes dictate events and outcomes and another strong but very different styled president can and probably will fulfil the responsibilities central to this great office with its multitude of obligations and suggested benefits.

One thought on “Farewell Mr.President but not “Goodbye”.

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    Thanks for looking in. Had many complications so please understand the late reply. Hope to do better in future. Please expand on the Beard ….. I like to learn.


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