Corporate & International Shipping Horrors.

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In this world too full of people and peoples abuses the CBCs excellent “The Current” interview and revelations provided by Denis Delseltrec’s research, is ballanced, informative and well presented. This can be reached at “The Current” web-site and #@freightfilm. Do please take a look and listen since you are concerned with corrupt practices, air polution, ocean pollution and the ecology of our planet.

It is pleasant and unusual to have revelation with associated remedies, direct or indirect. This avoidable planetry  abuse features in my book but without the formidable detail that Denis Delseltrec provides.

My book, “Responsibilities Then Rights”,  adds much about ‘mind pollution’, a need for more constructive discussion and the implications of accepting a single family of humanity, with associated individual responsibilities while also repairing, uplifting and  deepening our ever shrivelling educational system with its associated thought police.

Help  our educators- those that actually giving educational instruction – help them restore reasoned student self discipline; enable the great educational oportunities they could be providing; ensure their personal safety and job satisfaction. We are wasting their undoubted inital goodwill, talents, contributions, insights and professionalism. Self ‘nest building’ administrators are a curse.

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