Native American .. it is simply justice.

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Much of we have as non native Americans is because of what they had and they shared …… or …… sadly and immorally had taken.
As Obama suggested we CAN make a better way. WE can make it work.

We do Have A Debt To Pay! A moral debt, a RESPONSIBILITY …… this is a reality. We may shrink and hide from realities and as a result believe we may not be there ….. but the realities remain, and that goes all the way through history and on into all our families’ futures, …… and we are there in the front row!

This is not Human Rights because it goes deeper to inside us …….. as those ever empowering RESPONSIBILITIES of ours are acknowledged having been recognised. So, from this realisation happens the awakening of our minds and consciences, our intellect, personalities and better understanding of commitments which should be met, and therefore leading to earned self-worth.

What SHOULD RESPONSIBLY be done NEEDS to be done.
End of rant!

More is in my coming revised book, that Was “Responsibilities Then Rights.”If you would like to get involved in its relaunch and would like to have a free copy so you can check it out, please email me at   I will try to get back to you within 3 days … that is if my computer does not have one of its …..’off days’.

Housing Needed and Waste.

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HOUSING and Poverty.
This seems a multi political party problem: they all have let the homeless, themselves and humanity down. Housing is unjustifiably too expensive as are resulting Realtor fees, price related legal costs, however, survey costs seem more reasonable.
Clothing and shoes have generally a 400% + price mark up! Next to consider are essential medicines etc.; costly advertising designed to fool and manipulate in/on most of the the media raise the costd of goods and services; media stars and ‘premier’ sports players are vastly over valued and paid, etc.
Yes the world is full of greedy people and those being ‘held down’ / exploited by them.
Further, could we all do with owning less and eating less so all could be housed, fed and cared for? Of course we could. Smaller cars and less per family for those able to afford them….. one T.V., telephone and computer per household. Far less throw-away clothing, freezer foods and fashion articles. Masses of unessential facial make up and expensive hair dos are happily bought. The list of our waste is endless.
Needed is Improved rural transport; better pay for nurses, fast food workers, farm workers, store staff and care workers … We live in a mad world and are all actively contributing having ignored our responsibilities and having pushed the “Rights” button far too frequently.

Pence and the increasingly Hermit Trump.

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As Pence move closer to becoming possibly USA President 46 there is hope of a return to a more balanced world leadership. Having a political background he promises a more predictably and staple leadership. Whatever the future, it is a relief to see his ‘stand in’ presence rather than the bull in a china shop president. Further, other leaders can get on with their planned agendas secure in the knowledge that their efforts would be rationally dealt with and needed publicity for their ideas discussed.

What surprises a Pence leadership might bring await such a time as he may be in place. Till then only clues can be recignised showing the Pence the world and USA communities will have to deal with. So far he appears as a rational, controlled, responsable politician, though one may not agree with a few of his aproaches to life. Since he is such a contrast the USA public may feel prepared to follow him should he have to take over as President. Will that be a blessing or a curse?

BREXIT and AusterityUK.

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The continual viscious personal critisism of T.May, UK Prime Minister, for existing austerity is unjust, as are attack on her efforts for a less damaging BREXIT. She is clearly a talented national leader and a caring humanbeing.

Wasteful opportunist governments have created too many problems for any government to sort out quickly, though the unscrupulous will do a Trump and suggest they can. Huge debts is not the way forward as they waste too much of the Tax funds collected, through ‘interest’ payments. The Blair years etc.,Continue to have to be paid for with this vanishing money which should be available to support and ‘lift’ the destitute from their downward poverty spiral. …. but much was wasted.

Off-shore tax avoidance of both conglomerates and the wealthy made worse by indecent Directors pay and bonuses all lose funds that need to go to the people who work and actually build the wealth. 

May has a huge extremely complex EU problem to try and solve in such a way that reduces more hurt to the poor and needy and avoid placing new member of society with them. This she is trying to do while detractors, safely away from this gargantuan pain-filled task, rattle their boxes and promise the impossible far too often. May was opposed to Brexit but is trying her best as is the negotiating team of civil servants etc. Further, funds need to be withheld to use should and when emergency needs appear and new ‘victim groups’ are recognised. There is too much fantasy being expressed. The facts are gradually and continually emerging so identifying new measures that need to be planned and funded. What the final outcomes will be regarding BREXIT agreements with then their outcomes no one knows.

Farewell Mr.President but not “Goodbye”.

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The tragedy of this moment is how much more could have been accomplished if the political support in the House had been greater. Now with a very different mood Down South of us we pray that listening and learning will be as noticeable.The acceptance of power changes those being given it and there is a tradition or rather a tendency in the USA that this is positive and to the benefit of its people. There is no reason to doubt that Mr. Trump will be any different in this concern and that in the end he may too be viewed with some of the good, passion and affection so well deserved by the current President and his family.
It may confidently be believed that Mrs Trump will politically and socially blossom as a generous concerned first lady. She has a really tough act to follow but she can achieve much. Hers will be different priorities, but no less needed, which hopefully will succeed to the advantage of individuals and communities.
Attitudes dictate events and outcomes and another strong but very different styled president can and probably will fulfil the responsibilities central to this great office with its multitude of obligations and suggested benefits.

Corporate & International Shipping Horrors.

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In this world too full of people and peoples abuses the CBCs excellent “The Current” interview and revelations provided by Denis Delseltrec’s research, is ballanced, informative and well presented. This can be reached at “The Current” web-site and #@freightfilm. Do please take a look and listen since you are concerned with corrupt practices, air polution, ocean pollution and the ecology of our planet.

It is pleasant and unusual to have revelation with associated remedies, direct or indirect. This avoidable planetry  abuse features in my book but without the formidable detail that Denis Delseltrec provides.

My book, “Responsibilities Then Rights”,  adds much about ‘mind pollution’, a need for more constructive discussion and the implications of accepting a single family of humanity, with associated individual responsibilities while also repairing, uplifting and  deepening our ever shrivelling educational system with its associated thought police.

Help  our educators- those that actually giving educational instruction – help them restore reasoned student self discipline; enable the great educational oportunities they could be providing; ensure their personal safety and job satisfaction. We are wasting their undoubted inital goodwill, talents, contributions, insights and professionalism. Self ‘nest building’ administrators are a curse.

Emotion Often the Enemy of Useful Debate.#US Election.

What influences a situation could be termed ‘the line of information’. Part of this line includes any relevant ’emotional content’ which will have its ‘influence of bias’ and will skew the resulting descision. Pg 83 #Responsibilities Then Rights.

Rights tend to become the hammer used to crack the proverbial nut. Sometimes it is the avenue chosen by some individuals to get themselves noticed  by launching a platform for themselves beyond the expected. Pg  44 #Responsibilities Then Rights.

One of the beauties of #Rick Mercer’s shows is that the research is clearly done balanced and then used. With #Jonny Harris there is also that good balance of positions with real humour.

#Trump #US President

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It will be such a relief when the Trump Presidental “Punch and Judy Show” terminates.

These seemingly endless questionable activeties and outbursts could be humerous, watched by children and parents at the seaside, on Holiday, knowing full well the whole thing is imaginary and uses #pupets. How so very embaressing it must be for the long suffering USA knowing all is a ‘reality’.!